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Meet Sheila, make an exhibition of yourself / 27.04.15

There are only two sleeps to go until the Northamptonshire Business Expo but in the words of founder Sheila Smith, people buy from people. Here's a little bit about Sheila, from Sheila. In addition to the Expo which is a great space to learn, network and share inspiration, Sheila holds some great, informal networking sessions (details below).

See you on Wednesday



I launched the Northamptonshire Business Expo two years ago because I wanted to help people to learn and implement new skills and strategies to grow their business.  It’s a massive undertaking and I genuinely wasn’t sure I could do it in the beginning, so I did a bit of research and found that we had nothing like it in the county and, inspired by the success of my Breakfast@Beckworth business networking group, the exhibition format was born.  

I am not an events professional, far from it!  However, I stumbled across a structure and drew together a trusted team of boffins and experts keen to volunteer their services, they are the sort of people I turn to for advice and to make things happen daily, and then I just put everything I’ve got into making sure we had a worthwhile event! Feedback was so heartening that I decided to do it all again, and again, and….blimey!  This upcoming Expo will be my fourth!

Additionally, demand for something on-going has focused me to capture the energy and momentum from these events to develop further, I have recently launched a new monthly business networking group called Brunch@BramptonGrange which runs complimentary to the Breakfast@Beckworth group.   

If you need a place where you can discover new business ideas, a place that understands what it takes to be in business today and a team ready to motivate, comfort and coax you then these happenings are just the ticket!  

If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to make contact.  My contact details are on the Northamptonshire Business Expo flyer, or specific contacts are as follows:-

Breakfast@Beckworth – Alistair MacRae: 07702 080941

Brunch@BramptonGrange – Tracey Onley:  01604 844717


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