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We love to communicate at Kerry Leese Media. Whether that's via broadcast, on stage, on a business video or simply face to face, communication is behind everything we do.

But more than that, we believe that effective communication can change the world for the better!

Here's how we can help you to change your world:


You're at a networking event/business meeting/pitch. You're up next for your 60 second intro or your time to shine. Only problem is that your heart is racing, all the blood in your body has shot to your face and any water in your body is heading for the nearest sweat gland.  

Breathe! You're definitely not alone. Presenting is often a bigger fear than death! But it's costing your business money plus life's too short to get this het up. You can be the person in the room who's relaxed and confident.  

Our Presenting Confidence development programme helps you to master the nerves associated with presenting in a supportive environment.
The next course starts 9:30am - 1:30 pm Tuesday 23rd June. Check out our workshops page for more info. See what results people have found from the workshops by looking at our testimonials!


Your video or programme needs a charismatic voice-over or presenter? Well look no further! Kerry has a warm, husky tone that will engage your audience. Kerry is also a French and Spanish speaker. Have a listen! We can quote on an hourly or per project basis.  


Are you holding a festival and need a big personality on stage to get the crowd going? 
Does your company have a gala dinner coming up? Perhaps you're looking for a fun host to keep your event on track. But instead of doing it yourself yet again, you'd rather relax and enjoy the free bar! No problem.
How's about a coffee (by that we mean cake) to discuss what you want?


Need a clear, confident, engaging reporter? Kerry has reported for BBC Radio Northampton, World Rugby (International Rugby Board) and specialises in sports/rugby union. Listen in!

We'd love to hear from you!

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In business, broadcast, speak in public or holding an event? 

We can help you!

  • Improve your presenting & networking skills with Presenting Confidence workshops
  • Voice-over: warm, husky to make your video even more engaging
  • Friendly, animated host/compère
  • Rugby union reporting
  • French and Spanish speaker

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