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"Fantastic workshop! I will highly recommend it to others!"

"The session went into a lot of detail. It brought out our fears and 

helped overcome them in a fun, friendly environment."


"I really enjoyed the session and am looking forward to putting it in practice. The exercises and tools have given me more confidence in standing up at networking events!"


Palms sweating, heart pounding, legs feeling like jelly... simply because you've got to stand up for our 60 second intro at a networking event or you're giving a presentation. Sound familiar? Then listen up!


The fear of presenting common; you're not alone! But it is a very costly fear. Think of how much business you're losing because your nerves are getting in the way of you imparting your expert knowledge! Let alone the time you waste feeling that horrible dread at the thought of presenting. Be a presenting superhero instead!

Imagine how good it would feel to:


  •   • calmly, confidently stand up and engage your ideal client
  •   • look your audience directly in the eyes & see a sea of smiling, interested faces
  •   • actually enjoy presenting & networking!


Good news; the Presenting Confidence programme will help you to achieve that! 


I'm Kerry, I'm a presenter but that doesn't mean that I never get nervous. I understand the challenges of stepping out of your comfort zone as I've dealt with my fair share of nerve-wracking presenting experiences. From briefing top ranking police officers (they're a scary bunch) to presenting live on stage to hundreds of people, I really enjoy presenting / public speaking and I'd love to help you to feel the same. Yes it is possible!

I've developed the Presenting Confidence course because I've met so many people who have so much experience and knowledge but aren't making the most of opportunities to share it all because they're struck by this fear of presenting.




By giving yourself 3.5 hours a month, that's how!


Over the five month Presenting Confidence development programme, we'll meet on a monthly basis to develop an area of your Presenting Confidence. You'll be supported by no more than 9 other delegates in the same position as you.

Each month we master a different aspect of presenting. Whilst one-off workshops are great for a short, sharp buzz, we're much more likely to see a long lasting change in our presenting habits if we imbed change gradually. And that's what I want for you, lasting improvements.


Session One 

Understanding presenting FEAR and learning how to master nerves.


Session Two

Presenting Confidence to a roomfull of strangers (networking).


Session Three

Presenting Confidence for Sales! How to manage those daunting pitching scenarios.


Session Four

Presenting Confidence to video. Google loves it, SEO rates it but how do you make the most of video?


Session Five

Presenting Confidence into practise. Time to shed the camera shy you & make the camera love you daaarling!


 And no, there will be no mention of imagining your audience naked you'll be relieved to hear!


So if you want to:


• understand & deal with the physical symptoms of nerves 

• network & efficiently engage your audience 

• get yourself heard & remembered



which will mean you can:


• stand out amongst your competitors 

• show yourself as an expert in your field

• increase sales


and you come away with:


• an effective 60 second introduction / elevator pitch

 • a video of you presenting that you can use in your digital media

• quick & easy tips to help you on the road to #PresentingConfidence

• encouraging feedback from your peers


then what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW!


The next start date for the course is in June at Barratt House, Kingsthorpe Road, Northampton.

So get this date in your diary Tuesday 23rd June. It runs from 9:30 am to 1:00pm. It costs £150 for the introduction (sorry to be mean but it's either only the first session or all five) or £600 for the five session course. That way you keep practising and ensure continuing improvement!

Eventbrite - Presenting Confidence - June Northampton

The subsequent sessions are as follows:
Tuesday 21st July  09:30am - 1:00pm
Tuesday 22nd September  09:30am - 1:00pm
Tuesday 20th October 09:30am - 1:00pm
Tuesday 17th November 09:30am - 1:00pm

If you would like to discuss your requirements EMAIL or CALL 07912 696097 to book a 30 minute chat (always made better with a bit of cake!).

how can we help?

Your nerves are preventing you from showing your clients just how great you are & how you can help them. 

But you can get your nerves working for you & it's fun!

We teach you:

  • proven ways to manage nerves
  • exercises to prepare your body & mind to present
  • how to find your voice
Eventbrite - Presenting Confidence - June Northampton